List of malayalam news portals

Here is a comprehensive list of malayalam portals across the internet:http://mathrubhumi.comhttp://manoramaonline.comhttp://morningbellnews.com – A malayalam portal for Bangaloreans.http://webmalayalee.com – Kerala related news in  Englishhttp://keralanext.com – Kerala related news in  Englishhttp://pravasionline.com – News portal in Malayalam for NRIshttp://aumalayalam.com – Australia based News portal in Malayalamhttp://prokerala.com – Kerala related…

Javascript for replacing n th character in a string

    Javascript for replacing n th character in a string:     function RepalceCharacter(sourceString,stringTobeReplaced,index) {     var re = new RegExp('^(.{'+ –index +'}).(.*)$','');     return sourceString.replace(re,'$1'+stringTobeReplaced+'$2'); };   //Test code  alert( RepalceCharacter('nishanth','XSSSSX',3) ); 

Function in javascript to copy text area to client machine's clipboard

Here  is a small JS snippet to copy text in a div to the client machine's  clipboard. function CopyToClipBoard() { var div = document.getElementById('divLink'); div.contentEditable = true; //very important. var range = document.body.createControlRange(); range.addElement(document.getElementById('divLink')); range.select(); range.execCommand("Copy"); range.remove(0); range.select(); alert("The results have been copied to the clipboard.");…

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