Providing write permission to a file in Plesk

Today I uploaded a new module to one of my sites hosted with a third party hosting provider( This module reads from and writes to an XML file but once I uploaded the code to the server, I found that the application was not able to write to the XML file. The reason, as I guessed was .NET Security Laughing. By default, all files are assigned read only permission for the ASP.NET worker process. So we need to give write permission on the XML file to the ASP.NET worker process.

2gbhosting uses Plesk(version 8.4.0) and I am describing here the steps required in this scenario to fix this issue in Plesk.


1. Login to Plesk.-> File Manager -> Browse to the File -> Click on the Lock icon on the right side of the file.

2. You will reach "Setting up Access permissions" page .

3. Click on "Plesk IIS WP User (IWAM_plesk(default))" user.

4. On the right side, check in allow column against Write permission. 

5. Click on OK and you are done. 

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