Method to sort an array of strings in descending order of number of words in each array element

Just adding a method which i wrote for an application for which the requirement was scrapped.
Hope someone can refer to this silly method. ;)

/// Method to sort an array of strings in descending order of number of words in each array element

Array to be sorted
/// Array sorted in descending order of number of words in each array element 

private static string[] SortArrayWithDescendingWordCount(string[] strArray)
//Array to store the number of words in each string of the array to be sorted
int[] wordLengths = new int[strArray.Length];
//variable to keep track of array index of wordLengths array.
int arrayIndex = 0;
foreach (string str in strArray)
//split the string in to an array of words and store the word count in wordLengths array.
wordLengths[arrayIndex] = str.Split(’ ‘).Length; ;
//Sort arrays(ascending order) by taking wordLenths array as key and strArray as value
Array.Sort(wordLengths, strArray);
//now reverse strArray array to sort the array in descending order of number of words in each array element
return strArray;


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With LINQ you can do this in very concise way:

using System.Linq;
public string[] SortByDecendingWordCount(string[] listOfStatements)
var sorted = from c in listOfStatements
orderby c.Split(‘ ‘).Length descending
select c;

return sorted.ToArray();


Thanks Ashish.. The above procedure was written much before Linq was released!

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//Sort arrays(ascending order) by taking wordLenths array as key and strArray as value
Array.Sort(wordLengths, strArray);

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